Time: 27. Mai 2021 / 20.00

[free event]

Artist*Talk with Tereza Silon & Zeynab Gueye & Kirstin Burckhardt & Aleksandra Borys

Im Gespräch lernen wir die Arbeiten der einzelnen Künstler*innen kennen und möchten uns über Erfahrungen, Perspektiven und Herangehensweisen insbesondere im Bezug auf das Verhältnis zwischen Kamera/Körper(n) und filmischem Subjekt austauschen. Das Gespräch wird diese (filmisch/körperlichen) Räume mit Wünschen an Choreographien für eine (queere) Zukunft mit Ritualen der Liebe verweben.

Es wird im Anschluss Zeit für Fragen aus dem Publikum geben.

In conversation we will get to know the works of the individual artists and would like to exchange experiences, perspectives and approaches, especially concerning the relationship between camera/body(s) and filmic subject. The discussion wishes to weave these threads on (filmic/body) spaces together with potentialities of choreographies for (queer) futures and and for spaces of love and sensuality.

There will be time for questions from the audience afterwards.


W trakcie rozmowy poznamy prace poszczególnych artystów i artystek i będziemy chcieli wymienić się naszymi doświadczeniami, perspektywami i podejściami, zwłaszcza w odniesieniu do relacji między kamerą/cielesnością a podmiotem filmowym. Pod koniec rozmowy będzie również czas na pytania od publiczności.

Tereza Silon’s interdisciplinary practice stir on the confines of performance, healing technologies, facilitation and research. She combines the theoretical and the political with embodied explorations. Her interest lies within the social and natural ecologies, individual and collective bodies, intersectionality, queering, the erotic and possibilities of expansive intimacy in extractive systems as a subversion/healing of power structures. Her theoretical rudiments have also risen from her studies of rituals and ephemeral art forms, studies of clinical naturopathy and bodywork practice. www.terezasilon.com

Zeynab Gueye is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher, community organizer, an initiator of a digital queer-feminist platform and a DJ. Their practice is influenced by their love for pro-Black queerness, intersectional feminism and by their interest in ecologies and the abilities to dream of visionary futurisms amidst social depression. Their academic experience is influenced by the study of reflexive anthropologies and postcolonial theories. They perceive individual contextualized embodied experience as a source of valid knowledge.

Kirstin Burckhardt is a visual artist combining video, drawing and performance with sound and spoken word. Critically drawing upon her training in psychotherapy and neuroscience, her practice addresses body as an interpersonal fact and friction, continuously rubbing against the questions: »Do you have a body? Are you a body? Are you making your body?«. Continuously questioning what defines a body, her artistic research focuses on interpersonal space as a locus of sensitivity that surpasses the body-mind duality in favor of empathy, transgenerational trauma, and the power of imagination.


Aleksandra Borys is an art and science artist working in fields of choreography, cosmology and ecology. Her work looks at the human body,  Earth, Universe and asks what kind of choreography and dance happens between them.  What can the body learn from the land and night sky? How the relation of human to universe influences the way the Earth is treated, and what are the consequences of this? With a fascination into space travel, her work admires the beauty of planet Earth. Interested in looking at Earth from a distance, and how this perspective influences the way life on our planet is approached. The work wishes to challenge the ways human physical existence is viewed. Aleksandra received in 2016 a Master of Art and Science from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London; in 2009 a BA in Contemporary Dance from CODARTS, University of the Arts in Rotterdam; in 2003 she graduated from National Ballet School in Lodz. She received The Research Scholarship by Grazyna Kulczyk and art research scholarship from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.