Time: 28. Mai 2021 / 19.20

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Handlich by Alexandre May

Wie kann man sicher sein, dass das, was man anzubieten hat, von der Person, der man es anbietet, angenommen und geschätzt wird? Was passiert, wenn das Angebot abgelehnt wird? Wie geht man mit den Konsequenzen um?
Wie erkennt man sich selbst? Wie erkennt man die anderen? Wie erkennt man den Anderen in sich selbst? Wie erkennt man sich selbst durch die Anderen? Zwischen Sicherheit und/oder Bindung, was entsteht zuerst? Müssen wir gebunden sein, um uns sicher zu fühlen oder müssen wir sicher sein, um uns zu binden? Was lässt das Gefühl der Sicherheit entstehen, wenn nicht Empathie und Mitgefühl?

Wenn äußerlich nichts sicher ist, warum nicht in sich gehen und versuchen, so gut es geht, Frieden zu finden? Vielleicht, indem man die Tatsache umarmt, dass das Chaos, das im Äußeren sichtbar ist, auch im Inneren vorhanden ist. Und was dann?

How can one be sure that what s/he has to offer will be accepted and valued by the person to whom it is being offered to ? What happens when the offer is decline ? How does one deal with the consequences ?
How does one recognize her/himself ? How does one recognize the others ? How does one recognize the other within her/himself ? How can one recognize her/himself through the others ? Which one of safety and/or bounding arise first ? Do we need to be bound in order to feel safe or do we need to be safe in order to bound ? What makes the feeling of safety arising if not empathy and compassion ?
When nothing is certain outside why not to dig in within oneself and try, for as much as one can, to find peace ? Maybe by embracing the reality that the chaos that is apparent on the outside, is also present inside. And then, what ?

Alexandre May was born in France in 1994, where he started to dance at the age of 6 years old. At the age of 14 years old he entered the National Superior Dance School of Rosella Hightower in Cannes/Mougins where he started building is technique in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance. At the age of 19 years old he integrated the Bachelor at the Highschool for the Arts of Rotterdam – Codarts where he widened his knowledge and techniques about Contemporary dance. Alexandre has been performing with choreographers in The Netherlands such as Joeri Dubbe and Amos Ben Wal, in France with Julie Magneville, in Lithuania for Aura Dance Theatre and joined Wee dance Company based in the city theatre of Görlitz in September 2017.
In parallel of being a performer, since a young age Alexandre is interested in somatic methods such as Feldenkrais and started in 2019 to study Body-Mind Centering® and explores the concreteness of the thoughts and emotions through the body in motion. Lately Alexandre practice’s of movement result as a self regulatory practice that can allow to open a channel of communication with emotions, forces and energies that we usually, personally or socially, do not feel confortable, at ease with, either because of their nature, their intensity, their frequency or you name it…
As a creator, Alexandre wishes to plant seeds in people’s body-minds, for those seeds to blossom and awake knowledge and love. He focuses, triggers and questions frictions existing within himself and in between him and his environment. He believes speaking the intimate, by communicating through raw flesh is an effective way to affect people’s body-mind.